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Journal Book -Passion by jasaholic Journal Book -Passion by jasaholic
It is designed for Portfolio Project.
Students can choose to design Logos / Journal books / Posters.

I chosen Journal Book.

The design concept of is about striving with passion in design.

For the Front cover of the handbook:

Instead of making people roam around the cover, I chose to make my title of the handbook that occupies nearly one third of the page as the attention catcher.
The title Passion uses Dyer Font. Dyer font is a decorative font that is not fanciful, simple and semi-formal.
Thus, white title Passion stands out clearly from the solid purple background.

Next, are the callout bubbles, which are made of solid white, purple, orange and green. Other then the white and purple that is the School of Infocomm Technology colour, orange and green is the MAC (multimedia animation centre) colour.

The callout bubbles each have a picture in it.
The front cover and the back cover is linked by the front cover with the callouts of images from right to left with the back cover with words.
Link eye with Arts that shows Appreciation.
Link computer with Computing that shows Usage of computer and programs.
Link light bulb with Design that shows Develops inspiring idea.
Link symbol of connection with Digital Media that shows Communication.

Last but not least, about the slogan for this book is “See Design, Hear Design, Speak Design”. See Design for seeing it virtual, Hear Design for hear about the design rational and Speak Design to express your comment about it. The font used is acidic font, which is known as a distorted font that is suitable for using it as watermark.

Making the student handbook in a way that it shows the “life” or rather the “routine” of what a MMA (multimedia and animation) student does. So, by looking from left to right of the callouts, it shows the process of how the end product comes out.
The symbol of connecting means how the designer wants to bring across the message through design. The light bulb means generating an idea. The computer we use to come out with our product. The eye that will appreciates the product.

For the Back cover of the handbook:

I chose to put the logos here with contacts, as I do not want to put too much things on my front cover to distract or divert the attraction away. I chose the white coloured logo for both School of ICT logo and Ngee Ann Polytechnic logo as my colour scheme as purple and white.

Other then what we do is shown (Arts, Computing, Design, Digital Media), what we learnt is also shown (3D animation, Interactive Media Development and Casual Entertainment Game Development).

For the Inside of the handbook:

The header for the page is placed vertically and uses Acidic font. The contents are Century Gothic font while the words in the callout bubbles is Bank Gothic font. Both are easily readable and one is more circular while one is more of square shape.

I chose to uses faded callouts as my background for the pages inside to link with the design concept.

I also have page number at the bottom with the word Passional, which means everyday relate to, or marked by passion. The footsteps lead on to another page in the same direction, that marks the journey of one.

*Disclaimer Note:
This piece of artist's work is done
1) as part of the assignment in school/

Therefore, the organizers or the representative of the logos are not responsible of the quality of artwork.
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September 30, 2007
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